Clear the Dungeon

♦ a solitaire card game ♦

designed by Mark S Ball

coded by Pedro Fontoura




Note: options marked with | require you to hit APPLY for them to take effect. Current game will be lost.

Clear the Dungeon

Is a solitaire card game
played with a standard
52 card French deck.

The goal of the game is to successfully remove the monsters (face cards) from the dungeon (tableau).

This is done by building up an attack on the tableau with cards from the draw pile and triggering it with a card that matches in suit.

Descriptiom from the author on Board Game Geek.

Playing cards

  • Click/tap a card
    to select it.
  • Then, click/tap where
    you want to play it.

Attacking the royals

  • First, play two attack cards.
  • Then, play a trigger card.
  • Finally, click/tap the royal card.


  • To undo a played card,
    click/tap the hand area.
  • Cards sent to the discard
    can be undone.
  • Cards played from the discard
    cannot be undone.
  • The undo list is cleared
    every time your hand is refilled.